Submission closed. 
The results will be announced on 19th March 2018. 

  • Submission of proposals

    Abstracts should be inserted by the authors on the website of the X Congress, imperatively until January 28, 2018. The congress site will be available from December 2017. In submitting the abstract it is mandatory to fill in the following fields:

    · Area / Thematic Section (see list and call of themes)

    · Type of presentation (can choose communication or poster)

    · Title

    · Summary (dimension between 1750 and 2500 characters without space)

    · Key words

    · If there is more than one author, indicate their order, Name, institutional affiliation and e-mail address.

  • Language and participation limit

    Abstracts may be submitted in Portuguese, Spanish, English or French;

    You can participate in a maximum of three proposals, but you can only submit two proposals as the first author (ie two proposals as individual author or one proposal as individual author and another as first author of collective proposal, or two proposals as first author of collective work).

  • Abstracts Evaluation

    The evaluation of the abstracts will be sent to your e-mail on March 19, 2018. The result will be expressed in one of the following ways:

    1.Proposal of communication accepted in the TS/TA [Thematic Section/Thematic Area]

    2. Proposal of poster accepted in the TS/TA

    3. Proposal of communication not accepted in the TS/TA

    4. Proposal of poster not accepted in the TS/TA

    5.Proposal of communication accepted in the TS/TA in the condition of passing to poster.

    It may also happen that a proposal submitted to a given Thematic Section/Area is considered by the evaluators as being better placed in another ThematicSection/Area, and, consequently, it is sent to it, in order to be evaluated there.

  • Registration and Payement

    For authors with accepted communication/poster, the payment of the registration is from March 19 to April 15, 2018. Communications or posters of authors who have not paid the registration until that date cannot be included in the program.

    If you pay your registration, but for some reason you cannot attend the congress, we will make the return, but only if this request arrives until June 20, 2018.

  • Posters presentation

    We encourage the presentation of posters on computer media, using programs such as Powerpoint. To optimize the presentation conditions and make better use of this mode of scientific communication, we ask the authors to upload their documents on the platform of the congress, until May 29, using the application that we will make available for this purpose. The posters effectively presented during the congress will be included in the publication resulting from the congress, in the gallery of posters that will be reserved for them.

  • Participation in the Congress publications

    Subsequent to the Congress will be published the communications and posters in electronic support, with registration DOI. The acceptance of the abstract and the presentation of the communication in the Congress does not guarantee the publication. The texts will be subject to a process of evaluation and selection of the responsibility of the current coordinators of the sections / areas in collaboration with the new coordinators who, meanwhile, will be elected in the electoral process for the Thematic Sections that will take place after the Congress. In the evaluation process will be used as basis criteria those used by the journal SOCIOLOGY ON LINE.

  • Special Issue of SOCIOLOGIA ON LINE

    The coordinators of the thematic sections/areas will select the best texts of their areas that will integrate a thematic / special number of the journal SOCIOLOGIA ON LINE, if the authors agree.

Research in Sociology Initiation Award

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