Call | Classes, Inequalities and Public Policies

Call for papers | Classes, Inequalities and Public Policies

Coordinators: Nuno Nunes ( ISCTE-IUL, CIES-IUL ) João Emílio Alves ( IPPortalegre e CIES-IUL ) Cristina Roldão ( ISCTE-IUL, CIES-IUL )

The Thematic Section (TS) on Classes, Inequalities and Public Policies is one of the richest and most consolidated patrimony of the Portuguese sociology. It is one of the main objectives of this TS to establish a platform for communication and scientific discussion among the many theoretical, analytical and operative perspectives that take social classes, inequalities and public policies as a problematic matter. The analysis of these processes in the specific context of Portuguese society has been an object of nuclear study, but throughout its existence the TS has also sought to accumulate knowledge about other transnational, international and global realities.

Social classes, inequalities and public policies constitute a central sociological perspective on the theme proposed by the X Portuguese Congress of Sociology, under the theme "In the post-truth era? Public sphere, citizenship and the quality of democracy in contemporary Portugal”. As an integrated social space in the European and global context, Portugal is susceptible of multiple comparative and transnational perspectives, but also intra-national, both local and regional, taking social classes, inequalities and public policies as referents of scientific deepening.

In this call, we invite all colleagues to present new or different perspectives on the contemporary challenges that social classes, inequalities and public policies pose, considering the social transformations of the twenty-first century, namely the increase of social inequalities, the persistence of the crisis and the development of the information and knowledge society.

The theoretical-methodological articulation is valued, based on analysis that interrelate classes, inequalities and public policies. Specific problems and objects of study are welcome, with innovative perspectives on social classes, social inequalities and public policies, taking into account the challenges that contemporary societies are facing today.

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