Call | Sociology of Emotions

Call for papers | Sociology of Emotions

Coordinator: Manuel Lisboa [FCSH-UNL] Jack Barbalet [UWS] Ana Roque Dantas [FCSH-UNL]

The Sociology of Emotions thematic section has been present in the last three Portuguese National Congresses of Sociology witnessing an increase in the quantity and quality of the papers presented, discussions promoted and an increasing audience.

Building on the success of the previous editions, for this Congress we expect the discussion of the role of emotions in civic participation, citizenship and democracy. To this end, the Sociology of Emotions Thematic Section calls for papers that contribute to the theoretical, epistemological, methodological and empirical debate of emotions.

Emotions pervade every aspect of everyday life, playing a crucial role in the experience and behaviour of social actors. The Sociology of Emotions allows us to perceive how emotions influence the action of social actors, to understand how social interactions are shaped by emotions, how the individual develops relations and relates with social structure and cultural symbols and the way these condition emotional experiences and expressions. Moreover, and in relation to the theme of the Congress, it is important to discuss how emotions are observed, shared and transformed in civic participation and democratic construction.

We expect papers that contribute to the advancement of the sociological theorization of emotions; to the discussion of specific emotions (nature and description); to their processes and effects on social life, political movements and democratic participation, exploring relationships between social emotions and political and/or social movements as well as their role in decision-making processes.

Theoretical and empirical papers are invited on any topic of relevance to the study of emotions.

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