Call | Identities, Values and Ways of Life

Call for papers | Identities, Values and Ways of Life

Coordinators: Emília Araújo [UM ] Rosalina Costa [ Uévora – CEPESE e CICSNova]

As pointed out by several authors dedicated to the issues of time and temporality in today's societies, technical acceleration moves the spatial and axiological boundaries, proposing multiple ways of revisiting what once seemed to shape the 'truth', whether at the level of everyday life, memory or future time. Therefore, it imposes new schemes of life’ organization, leading to central questions about the time of and for politics, participation and ethics. In fact, values such as privacy, intimacy and the expression and importance of the public sphere, as a time-space for participation and benchmarking of political orientations that influence the future of groups, communities and societies, are today in a profound metamorphosis, altering traditional foundations of individual and collective identities and calling for new modalities of anticipation and regulation. But what is the role of time and temporality in the constitution of identities? How do these identities intertwine with socio technical objects and their networks of meaning? What values are privileged and answered? How do social subjects adapt to or coexist with multiple levels of discourse and how do they affect their lives at the present and in the future? What is the scope of political action, given the acceleration and anticipation enhanced by technology and the powerful connections and networks of global circulation and surveillance? What connections are there between the rhythms of life, the identities and the rhythms of political action? What (other) vulnerabilities cross identities, lifestyles, and values in contemporary societies?

These are some questions that we consider relevant to formulate and integrate in the debate about the identities, values and ways of life in the X Portuguese Congress of Sociology. In the post-truth era, it is important to think about how the increasing digitalization changes the face of societies, transforming behaviors and creating (new) misalignments and inequalities in the sphere of access to political participation, but also new challenges to modes of thinking such as social actors live the day-to-day and what meanings are constructed from the possibilities of spatial-temporal manipulation offered by the technical acceleration.

We, therefore, call upon sociologists and social scientists from related fields to join us in presenting and sharing research results completed or in progress, thus contributing to the discussion of the identities, values and modes of life in the Contemporary Portugal, which can follow the topics presented below, although not exhausting in them:

1. Identities, democracy and citizenship

2. Democracy, identities and time

3. Times, spaces and social acceleration

4. Identities, ways of life and speeches

5. Social networks, identities and citizenship

6. Scanning, (new) identities and temporal hybridity 7. Rhythms, nets, passages and durations

8. Truths, lies and (other) pragmatic and discursive ethics

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