Call | Sexuality and gender

Call for papers | Sexuality and gender

Coordinators: Ana Maria Brandão [ICS-UM,] Maria do Mar Pereira [CIGS-University of Warwi; CEMRI-UA,] Maria João Cunha [ISCSP-UTL,]

The debate about the role of Sociology in a context of reconfiguration of the public field, its relationship with citizenship and the (new and old) ways it is exercised, as well as its impacts on the quality of democracy is an important starting point to reflect about sexuality and gender. In keeping with the global focus of the 10th Portuguese Congress of Sociology on “The Age of Post- Truth?” we welcome theoretical and/or empirical proposals that problematize its major questions and answer its global purposes. Proposals focusing on the following subjects are particularly welcome:

· What are the effects of cyberspace on the experiences of sexuality and gender? To what extent do they convey possibilities for inclusion and exclusion and how do they relate to other variables, such as class, age, and ethnicity, among others?

· How is the cyberspace appropriated, created, and (re)configured by social actors to better express their sexual and / or gender identities? And to what extent does such appropriation result in the consolidation of self-referential thinking that eliminates the (re)cognition of the Other and his/her reasons?

 What are the arguments used to advance / limit the emancipation of certain social categories? To what extent are such arguments based on facts or, on the contrary, designed to create them? And what effects do such logics have on the exercise of citizenship in plural and diverse social contexts?

· Which conceptual and epistemological reconfigurations are needed to expand sociological knowledge in this area and to make the Portuguese society fairer and more equal in the fields of sexuality and gender?

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