João Lutas Craveiro




João Lutas Craveiro, Research Officer. Degree in Sociology (1991, UNL); Master’s degree in Urban and Rural Sociology (1996, ISCTE, Business School); PhD in Sociology of Development and Social Change (2006, UNL).
Principal areas of investigation: Social vulnerabilities and environmental risk management (coastal erosion, wild fires); Social perceptions and adoption of new technologies (water/waste sectors); Collaborative methodologies and Social Impact Assessment.
Participation in recent relevant studies: 2014-2016 – Life Hymemb/Tailoring hybrid membrane processes for sustainable drinking water production; 2015-2016 – Adapting Portugal to Climate Change (Tourism sector); 2010-2013 – Regulations and Environmental Conflicts due to Coastal Erosion (Coordinator).
Other activities: Peer reviewing (JICZM/ Journal of Integrated Coastal Zone Management); Member of Scientific Associations, teacher on Environmental Sociology and Human Ecology (UNL).

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