José Manuel Figueiredo Santos


Doctor in Sociology of Culture by the Faculty of Social and Human Science.


Doctor in Sociology of Culture by the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, New University of Lisbon, unanimously approved, with the thesis: Contemporary Transformation of the Tourist Experience. Master of Social Work from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo - Brazill, with the final classification of 10 values (scale 0-10) on the dissertation "Social Solidarity – Analytical of the Rationality of a Management Model." Graduated in Social Service from the Superior Institute of Social  Service of Lisbon, with an average grade of end of course of 15 values.

Professor coordinator  in the scientific area of Social and Legal Sciences, disciplinary group of the Social Sciences, of the staff of the Polytechnic teaching of the University of Algarve, Superior School of Tourism, Hotel and Tourism, Dispatch no. 12634/2003 (2nd series)   6/6/2003, II Series  of the Diary of the Republic, of 01/07/2003. 

Has been involved in research and development projects such as "Tourist cultures of the neoresident in the Algarve context", approved by the  Foundation for  Science and Technology (FCT). Author of serveral books related with Tourism, namely "Heritage and Tourism – The power of narrative" (2017); "Sociology – A sociological look at the world" (2016); "Residential Tourism - To be elsewhere" (2011); "Bittersweet  Tourism  – forms of vision and division" (2007); "Tourism – Mosaic of Dreams" (2002) and "Modernity and old age Management" (1998).







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